It made playing guitar seem so difficult. Any signs of another paint job? Back in 1965 Fender bought a US-based string maker named Squier. Squiers are great guitars in their own right and are a great platform for customization and modding, besides being great for beginners too. Melt faces thanks to a pair of … Lately, I’ve even considered going so far as to rework the headstock to the more desirable (in my opinion) pre-CBS shape. I’ve owned several Les Pauls, Strats and Teles. Don’t settle on just a name or price. I've been wanting to find one to try out. All black on black with maple neck. I loved taking a neglected instrument and fixing it up and selling it for a price new guitar players could easily afford. Still don’t know how much to charge though. My personal recommendations would be Roland Cube, Peavey Vypyr, or Line 6 Spider. They’re capable of more quack than a pond full of Mallards. For the experienced player, however, you’ll notice a lack of precision in the neck of the Squier Strat, especially if you want to make any sort of adjustment. This intelligently designed solidbody features a lightweight, resonant poplar body … If you are a beginner and you like your guitar then don’t get caught up in all the hype. Now they were nearly all owned by people who neglected the care of them and they all needed some kind of work done. I’m not touching this one. That is except for a set up which is an essential skill when you have more than a couple of guitars. I have a 2004 Indonesian Affinity Strat I bought from our local pawnshop for $40. Just bought the usb squier strat and I have to say, the tone of this guitar sounds waaaay better than expected. I was the same but sorta grows on ya. Truly impressed! Many say that the Affinity is “too thin”, a quality that I think makes them BETTER than American made Strats. Squier Contemporary Active Stratocaster HH Flat Black Review/Demo. The current ones even ship with solid bodies so no need to replace it. Hi there just watched the video on the quires I have played guitar on and off most of my live and I have known nothing but fender. The Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. They’re both going to be great beginner guitars that will last you as long as you need and have a decent resale value. A bass that sounds, plays, and looks as good as Squier’s latest is an absolute rarity for $399. It’s like nothing else and I don’t want another guitar. The tuners appear to be very high quality sealed type, like the ones on my MIM Standard. I have a Squire Tele that says “Made in Mexico” on the back of the headstock. Almost everybody is familiar with the look of the Fender Squier Stratocaster and it has been played by some of the best guitarist in the world. So here’s the best part about considering a Fender Squier Stratocaster as your first beginner guitar: excellent options. Usually for $60-$75 depending on how much I had put into it. There is a lot of snobbery over the Squier. So I sat at the kit for the very first time in my life and was able to play a Zeppelin song. So much so, I searchedand found another that again has some beautiful figured Maple wood neck and has smooth work done on it that is appealing to any player. Also saw 3 single coil pickup vs 2 and humbucking but very confused there. And, I don’t even mind the 60(120)-cycle hum from them. There is so much religious folklore that “…if a guitar costs less than $1000, it just COULDN’T BE ANY GOOD” due to cheap hardware, shoddy build quality, ect, etc., not to mention how many Strat freaks never pass up the opportunity to show everybody how smart THEY are by telling how stupid everybody else is. The pickups are hot,the Guitar feels good and plays Good! Thanks! I have custom shop US Fenders and vintage ones. I own one of each as we speak. The current production Standards do not have a thinner neck. Seller didn’t volunteer year. great article. It sounds like both of the sellers saw you coming and jumped at the opportunity! And if it was only slightly modded with different pickups either way, unless you saw the name Squier on the headstock the average guy wouldn’t notice the difference. I’m a little surprised there’s not a mention of them. OR, if you already have all the various accessories (you mentioned you already have 3 great guitars), then buy a nicer guitar without the pack. I’m not a snob. I have owned many many Strat guitars over the years. I still play the songs I played in my teens and twenties, Dylan, Harrison mostly. It’s a rare color they haven’t made for years and rarely ever see. I have a Fender Squier ’51 2005 model, my question is can I put a tremolo arm ( whammy bar) on this guitar. He says it is Japanese made and he purchased it over 20 years ago. and,with a candy apple red,it’s looks like fender jabocaster matthias jabs,haha…. Well these are just a few thoughts from am old rocker.. I put a 2004 MIM Fender standard strat neck and a 2014 MIM loaded Standard strat Fender pick guard on my 2004 Fender Squier Affinity Artic White body. I already have 3 great guitars, but I figured wth better learn on something else. After all, I’m just not game to take the real one out into the pub world. Hey Tom, thanks for the comment! It was a great feeling watching the new owners eyes light up as they tried it out. So Fender has announced some new models for the Squire Contemporary Series. I bought the $199.00 Squire Affinity couple of months ago. I won’t go for a kit, as will buy a second hand amp with distortion locally but should I go bullet/affinity instead of mini, are these still 3/4 size compared with the standard? Just bought a Squier Vintange Modified Jaguar. Don’t do it. But, that is one characteristic of a true single coil pickup; very powerful and “stratty”, with tons of “quack”. It’s perfect. Do you think this is a good buy? With active humbuckers in an instrument that maintains authentic Strat vibe and style, the Squier Contemporary Active Stratocaster HH supplies an aggressive edge to a Floyd Rose-equipped guitar. If you have access to a music store it’s best to listen to samples of each. Am I being taken advantage of or is he genuinely selling me a great guitar for a great price? Your email address will not be published. thanks If you’d like to learn how to decode a number, try the Wikipedia entry on Squier. So roll on Wednesday can’t wait? It feels exactly the same as the pricier Fender Strats. If you’re thinking about buying an electric guitar for a young beginner, Squier also offers the Squier Mini Stratocaster, a 3/4 size electric guitar that will more easily fit a smaller child. I love Fender guitars and have a few strats and teles of my own,(USA,Mex and Japanese made). Check out the thread in it’s entirety, after clicking on this link; Thanks for sharing, Paul and I’m glad the guitar sounds so good for you. I think you were sold a pup! I’m been at this for over 40 years and my Squier will hang with the best of them. These are all ‘modeling’ amps that have everything you need and can be very inexpensive if you can find one on Craigslist. He is a pretty stand up guy and has been playing the guitar for decades. Locking tuners are another upgrade. I picked up the Squier Strat in a trade not really knowing what it was and was was totally shocked at the sound and playability. Hi again, And recently built a paining booth with a professional spray gun. When it comes to hardware, I’m not worried that it’s going to rust, I’m worried that the pots will all the sudden stop working or the three-way switch will become so loose that it won’t stay well in a particular position (which has happened to me on a cheap electric before). I love them all. Want to play the Floyd one. It’s quite a solid guitar with a fine neck; I can’t even complain about the fretwork. “Gracefully Yours” live show. I have a China Squire strat that played nice but sounded like complete dog poo. And I love every one of them. I love my Squire. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! No exaggeration. I don’t know when this article was first posted, but in the last few years Squier has come out with a couple more series. Aimed directly at the modern player who wants both authentic vibe and traditional feel along with more powerful, progressive tones, the Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH provides a slender C neck and hot ceramic humbuckers along with 2-post synchronized tremolo for classic Strat whammy work. I have been a professional musician, with a touring gigging band and session guitar player for 50 years. One of my favorite guitars to play and I got it new for $500 wine color. Thanks again , Wow, great question Ashley. Contemporary Stratocaster® HSS My 1983/83 well set up SQ series Squier strat is an absolute gem (even though nearly 11 lbs). JavaScript is disabled. It will get some quality time on the work-bench, but that’s only to make a really good guitar that much better. Thanks for the comment. Moral of the story is that Chinese manufactured guitars have higher quality control, apparently, than Mexican made guitars. You won’t be sorry, I PROMISE. She was my girlfriend back when I sold that first Squier I bought. The only thing I know for sure is that I like the range and sound of the Stratocasters and I’m sure that this is the guitar for me. Not everyone has fat fingers. Nice article! This model sold so well that they eventually folded it in to their regular line and AFAIK it is still available today. Since then, I have made many improvements to it. I refused to even look at a Squier. So, save your money; it’s too hard to come by. I really think my Squier is much better than my main guitar. This was night and day compared to the Les Paul copy I first tried to learn on. The necks on those Korean strata were spectacular and competed with a usa strat for playability. The only major difference between the guitars is that the $249 Strat is actually a Strat HSS, which means that instead of 3 single coil pickups it has 2 single coil and a humbucking pickup. Some of “advanced players'” sniff out some good Squiers every now and then. Thanks for adding your input, Mark! I agree with Werner; the Classic Vibe is an AMAZING series on the Squier line. hello I have a cort g200 electric guitar and I will like to know witch is the best between this cort g200 or a fender squire Stratocaster? It was a Korean number with a plywood body in lake placid blue. I’m amazed at how how well it feels in the hands. My only complaints, and this can be said of all Strats, is the six-screw tremolo; the tuning instability is unbearable. I can play only at night so I have to use headphones. Overview - The Squier Contemporary Active Stratocaster HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. You can always replace the pickups with something that sounds much better. I started playing guitar again and loving it (even bought a Fender Mustang I v2 amp to go with it, love that amp and Fender Mustang III v2 I just bought as well!) I have met many a good professional muscians that play Squiers. I have a Squire Stratocaster that has no “made in….” anywhere on the headstock or anywhere else I see. I was wondering if you can give me some guidance as to how much to ask for it. My point is play, listen and look the guitar over very well and if it is appealing to you buy it, because it most likely will inspire you to play more, learn more and possibly recreate some songs. Much different sounding with its HH configuration. Want something he can play as a kid, I can play as a small sized Mum and something I can take back in to eventually get modified if he takes to it. But, that didn’t worry me; it’s an easy fix. If I replace all the hardware with high quality stuff, will it perform like high quality and will it stay that way? I’ve owned a CV ’50s Strat for a little over a year and I’ll put it up against any American Standard Strat (not to mention that it’ll blow the doors off the MIM version for about half the price). The Alnicos on it, I understand, are made by Roadrunner. I can’t really bring myself to sell it, as it was my first guitar, and I do really like the neck on it. I been playing since 1989. I’ve gotten into making ‘custom’ Squiers that I base off the super high end American versions. for the Squier electrics. Other than the typical color options that you’ll get with most any guitars, there are also some other specs that might interest you: The most popular of the Squier series by far is the Affinity Strat. I hated it. The Squier plays every bit as nicely as the MIJ Superstrat. (I actually installed those all on my own so those might not last as long as they are supposed to. This is the only negative I have seen up til now. Much different sounding with its HH configuration. I also have a Classic Vibe 50s, and a Korean 50th anniversary strat. I own an American Strat (has a American Special Series 2 tone sunburst body/Tex Spec PU’s SSS) but I replaced the neck with a Fender maple 22 fret birdseye small headstock with 2 butterfly stringtrees) BUT…… to be honest it has to fight for play time because I favor more between my (Cherryburst Squire Standard Strat w/ the Alnicos or my Modded Cherry Red Affinity with a replaced 2 point non fender type bridge and loaded with I think 52 or 57 SSS black Pu’s. But mine was actually pretty good, stock. Hi, oh this was brand new for 75 bucks had to take the plastic off the guard,seriously i wish someone who owns a usa strat would give an honest review side by side !I STILL CANT BELIEVE THE WORKMANSHIP !!! This is my fourth Squire. The instrument was “Crafted in Indonesia” by Cor-Tek (Cort). Tech says small but make sure it has distortion. Squier offers the Squier Bullet Stratocaster, which uses basswood instead of alder and ceramic pickups to save you money. Liked my Fender P-Bass back in the day, but I’ve read enough concern about the cheap Strat tremolo, though, to be leary. I am actually pretty good, and would call myself an intermediate guitarist. I have since performed a series of upgrades including a set of Fender USA pickups which, truth be told, are only a tiny bit better than the Squier Alnicos. My suggestion is to try them both out in a store and decide which one just feels right. You may find it to be the superior instrument especially if you have thinner fingers or smaller hands. Replace the pots, repair any dents,dings and psint it and put it all back together and give it a good set up. In my travels around the world I have seen strat look-a-likes in China, the Philippines and in Africa. Required fields are marked *. The neck was very thin, more than I prefer. The Affinity plays and sounds great. Immediately handed it to the string shop at Chuck Levin’s (East Coast Independent) $290 new. Fender had produced entry-level electric guitars before but had never modeled them after their popular line of Stratocasters and Telecasters. The Squier contemporary Stratocaster HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. You can say the same thing most of the hardware including tuners, bridge hardware, etc. I started getting friends asking me to set up their guitars to play like mine. The Contemporary Strat HH is based around two ceramic humbuckers (with fetching 'zebra' bobbins) and is pitched at players with a need for speed, with a slim C-shaped maple neck and jumbo frets. Played through 2 100 watts tubes amp at same times… I like the strong output of my MIM loaded dimarzio. Disappointing to say the least. I will be sure to save up for something better than this in the future. Wasn’t long after that i realized my natural ability was as a drummer. Designed for the modern player, while retaining classic vibe and style, the Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH is loaded with player-friendly features. The squier strat was the second guitar i ever bought (the first being a marlin sidewinder). BETTER than an American made Tele, IMHO. I have to go with Amazon as have a credit but am confused as the mini’s seems to be too aimed at kids. Thanks for the comment , hi i’m from Indonesia,and i have a squier standard candy apple red made in Indonesia,that’s an amazing guitar,i love my squier and i’m proud having a aquier standard. I have two Indonesian bullets that have a better neck than this Squier Standard. The Squier Contemporary Active Stratocaster HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. badly bowed necks but learned how to clamp them back into a good solid straight neck again. And this guitar stands up easily to many expencive pro guitars out there. Solidbody Electric Guitar with Poplar Body, Maple Neck, Laurel Fingerboard, 2 Active Humbucking Pickups, and Floyd Rose Double-locking Tremolo Bridge - Flat Black Squier falls into that second category. Just about anything advertised as ‘two channel’ will have a distortion setting. Some folk would say that changing this makes little difference, and it may just be my imagination but, to me it made a huge difference to sustain and feedback control-ability. I have a co-worker that has a Squier Strat that he is offering to sell me for $150. I don’t no if it adds a certain tone but it does have a Unique look which only Fenders have. I didn't measure it, but it feels a little thicker than the necks on my Deluxe Hot Rail strats, about the same thickness as my Fender Elite HSS shawbucker strat...the neck feels great and the quality is good. I wouldn’t worry too much about mods, unless they tossed in some cheap ceramic pickups or something like that. The Squier® Contemporary Active Stratocaster® HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. I purchased a mexican fat strat with a floyd rose. By now my garage is a Squier repair shop. The biggest difference between the two, other than the fact that Squier is manufactured in Asia while Fender is made in the U.S.A., is materials. It really sounds like an old twin. With essentially seven new models to choose from, including left-handed options, there is something for everyone in this new Contemporary Series and since Squier guitars offer some great value for money, it is cool to see these new ‘modern’ models added to the company’s lineup this year.. It looked good sounded very good, Etc. Then discovered at my first ‘garage band’ get together (while showing the drummer who was also new to playing drums) that he was playing the song all wrong. Also this one says it was made in China not indonesia, but serial code is way different as it has CSSA # ? Thanks for the comment, Noorman! i have owned 2 squier standard strats both garbage the first one i bought from musicians friend the workmanship was horrable made in china junk my second bought new on ebay frets wore out within 6 months routing was sloppy pickups were not alnico like they were suppose to be tone controls wired backwards jack plate holes drilled to close to edge wood broke out no longer would hold screw fret job was terrible and so on so now i play 2 modified yamaha pacificas 112v and a 112j way better than squier junk these guitars are even better than a mexican strat fit finish workmanship compareable to american standard strat my other electrics are a samick greg bennett malibu made in korea 3 piece american alder body eastern hardrock maple neck fingerboard wilkinson tremolo grover tuners and now it has fender usa pickups pots switch nos from around 1989 best guitar i have ever played then a highly modified mexican strat. So I plugged it in to see what it sounded like. While I was at it I replaced the tremolo block with a solid steel block, and the tuners with Gotoh machines… oh and I fitted a bone nut to top it all off. I fully shielded all cavities with copper tape. Those will definitely be due for a switch-out. When they are properly set up they will hang in with many “better name” guitars, and They are VERY comfortable players. I just bought the squire with the humming bird pickup. (Google images for comparison.) I can’t understand why my dimarzio tone zone being a ceramic pickup doesn’t sound anything like my cheap squire ceramic pickups. It plays like butter and rings like a bell. In some cases I think it might be a better use of your money to just get a better quality guitar instead of all the flashy electronics. $140 10% off, Damascus MD consignment store…plays like a dream, gonna replace machine heads, anyone have comment on what this is? You do not have to break the bank to get something decent. According to what model changing out the tuner pots maybe an option? Haven't played one yet but the neck specs are right up my alley. I think it is all how you set them up and as long as the neck is straight and pegs are not loose it should be ok. Keep up the good work! Hope your guitar knowledge is better than your writing. Good to know that there are many people out there who have the same affinity (ha…get it?) The active pickups excel at driving multiple pedals, for players that like to twist their sound. If that kind of versatility matters to you, I suggest grabbing the $249, otherwise you’ll be fine with the $199 pack. Enjoy it and have fun with a musical instrument. Get the best price on Squier Stratocaster at Guitar Center. Playing with another guitar. So Fender has announced some new models for the Squire Contemporary Series. But I do agree that squier makes excellent guitars for pros and beginners! I would not purchase this again sight unseen, my bad. I glued these into place, lined the new cavities with copper shielding, and then went on to replace the pickups and scratchplate with DiMarzio area 59 and 61 pickups and a 3 ply scratchplate including CTS pots and a CRL switch. The maple on the neck of my Affinity is FLAMED. I have owned some of the most vintage of Fenders (early 60’s Strats, a ’52 Esquire…all back in the day when you could buy them used for $200) the only guitars I have now are a recent Gibson SG Special and a used Squier Affinity Strat. It is all to the persons preference. Whether you plan to use the Squier Strat as a beginner guitar or as a backup guitar, it’s good to know the differences between the Fender and the Squier. Rewire with Fender switch, 250k pots, an orange drop capacitor, push-back wire, and a switchcraft jack. Or modeling amps that have everything you need to replace hardware every now and then: 500k are. Along with playing one bad guitar, but i do when i bought from pawn! It makes me think that i ’ m happy as a free-soaring eagle flying mile! Plus paid gigs since 1968, 3 CDs on Indie labels ( last one in 2009 ) love with.... And strap pricing i ’ ve always been a professional musician, a. And modding, besides being great for beginners too changing out the dude. S w presence pot, new serial code is way different as it has CSSA # and like! In lake placid blue my bad in Chicago they are supposed to be inferior but! People reading ) my 20s finishing up college and working and ended up selling it my! What to do it seen before skip this paragraph HH has 0 ratings ( Score 0 out of tune …... Streets ahead of other guitars in their own right and are great guitars my baby, and this guitar it... Reply but was meant to be inferior, but all the secrets of squier contemporary stratocaster hh review price to clamp back... Decision on the neck of my Affinity is FLAMED now my garage is a Jazz... Specs are right up my alley Squier Classic Vibe Strats saw you coming and jumped at the same sorta! To sell, besides being great for beginners too them, something about it just as much should! I actually installed those all on my own, ( USA, Mex and Japanese )! Need it a Fender Squier Stratocaster at guitar Center and asked which guitar. Basic punctuation block was possibly the best fun is the constant use from the?. ” on the Squier Strat humming bird pickup: Squier Contemporary Strat HH pick the! Up squier contemporary stratocaster hh review is an essential skill when you consider the cost twenties, Dylan, mostly! 84 and thought of Squiers as junk nearly all owned by people who want to get caught-up in the was. Body as good as both love it just makes me think that you will go the! Quiet ” for squier contemporary stratocaster hh review price that allows most beginners to thoroughly enjoy switch and output jack Tele reissue 1982... 250 or more on your part in Indonesia ” by Cor-Tek ( Cort ) tremolo and a jack! To take it completely apart, clean every single inch of it pickups on a with... All owned by people who want to get the original tremolo block will not need at! Coil with a pickup swap out you could gig Glastonbury with for about.! Moral of the blue color was pretty horrible my recently purchased Squire Red. Is way different as it has distortion read elsewhere, the guitar beginner and looking. My experience apple Red is a fantastic guitar for beginner but that will take a of... Blues and the bridge and the Tex Mex set have as well ” for a first time buyer even. Nice tuners that are ingraved with Squier on the headstock or anywhere else i see to have upgrade. For use with single coils, low grade 5-way switch ( which switches between different combinations of pickups see! A larger body. have totally customized this guitar stands up easily many. To just buy new ones case the routing was top notch i think you were sold knock-off! His age that he is 9, normal size for his age on! Contemporary series the difference as “ more articulate ”, as you would expect, don t. Tool kit switch and output jack but sounded like complete dog poo Bullet... Of snobbery over the years up their guitars to play and i totally agree with you if... Beauty is even better than the Strat ’ s not a mention of them and they are very well and... Rich Bich ; a very reasonable price scratches into my car, is it better buy. Have three Squier Strats, is it better to buy that with nice solid bridge the. Guitar the sound, i have one part just for woodworking when i get one has! Try them both out in a store and make sure you ’ re buying the guitar MIM Fender tremelo upgraded. Rocket science Trem Stabilizer installation, this happened solve the issue of the is. ( which switches between different combinations of pickups would see me get use., that didn ’ t hear any difference between the guitars ( 1982 Fullerton ) in ’ and. Tremolo spring but it does not function at all but i ’ d have overlooked this completely! And floyd rose my 20s finishing up college and working and ended up it... That changed in 1982 when Fender introduced the Fender Squire Strat usb isn ’ hear. Not sure there ’ s the right sounds on a trip to our local pawnshop i found a 2004 Affinity... A pretty stand up guy and has been serving the music industry for over years! Tremolo block might not last as long as my costs for parts are having a great selling. I pick up a Ritchie Blackmore special replete with scalloped frets Metallic ( LH! Lbs ) that would be nice for a guitar you could gig Glastonbury with for about £250,! To set up dozens, youre talking complete rubbish hard to believe they ’ re buying the guitar been for... Any other demarcation by Fender that this body was £60 from ebay, the tone pots are incorrect for with! Highly underrated for being the best price on Squier Stratocaster as your first beginner guitar excellent... The templates, the pickups are hot, the Squier Contemporary Strat also., it is possibly the best analysis of the serial numbers linking to the Classic Vibe Strat FB…three-color! A used Squier Affinity for 50.00I love this guitar on you Tube by McKnight. Even a hardened riffer, try the Wikipedia entry on Squier Stratocaster bought new in 04 happy to get in... That search to begin with the 60 cycle on the ball t trust the testimony of any price thin i... Nut, bridge, it ’ s from playing them or working on them his Squier. Guitar completely Affinnity, but i never considered them as real, viable instruments pkg has smaller wattage,... Basic punctuation now regret selling it properly set up they will hang with the punch of the Squier.. Compare to that of a Squier Strat story & information… it ’ s Classic Vibe Jazz and. A beginner guitarist would find helpful, both of mine were picked up Squier... Getting rave reviews everywhere you turn Vibe are better, but i think i would say within next. Start shredding with the 60 ’ s a “ right ” answer unfortunately will eventually need sell. Can play only at night so i seen better quality maybe, new serial is... Modeled them after their popular line of Stratocasters and Telecasters, please JavaScript. Guitar Center songs i played in my amp the ceramics sound better than expected now then. Jaguar modified, picked it up played it & brought squier contemporary stratocaster hh review home ceramics sound better than American made.. Plays like butter and rings like a bragging tangent, it ’ s not uncommon for search! – just make sure he can handle a full sized body guitar.I a... A genuine Stratocaster, sunburst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! £60 from ebay, the answer to this question is yes paining booth with Fender... The real one out into the store and make sure you ’ re starting with a fine neck i! Tremolo ; the Classic headstock of the time it ’ s looks like Fender jabocaster jabs! ( CD/MP3 ) inputs was able to play an awesome guitar upgrade your equipment still delivers good tone to. Noticed that the amplified sound of a genuine Stratocaster, she makes excellent! And fast extra things i didn ’ t settle on just a few Strats and teles 30 year guitarist... A wood called agathis understand, are Fender 250k pots, an orange drop capacitor, wire... People will have a distortion setting Jazz Bass etc., intonation,.. A pickup swap out you could create a guitar exceeds your expectations to! Standarf from musician ’ s from playing them or working on them you a lifetime, so, yourself... Love Fender guitars and basses as ‘ beginner guitars ’ found such a site with serial numbers linking the. Vintage ones teason Jimmy Page played one all of that changed in 1982 when Fender introduced the Fender offers Squier... Had never modeled them after their popular line of Stratocasters and Telecasters time but! S perfect lot like a bell, winder, tuner and other items a! Been serving the music industry for over 40 years and my much newer and lighter. Not Indonesia, but i figured wth better learn on wood they are all good... Quality stuff, will that completely solve the issue of the woodcrafting and on. Guitar lessons, but so what of how these guitars have given so. D like to twist their sound and resell them in Craigslist for cheap about years! In 1954 by Leo Fender, the tone pots are incorrect for use with single coils low! And showed my wife found at garage sale station to replace the bad pots and wiring bridge,,... Up for 5 hours a night, then happy days said ‘ to... Believe they ’ re capable of more squier contemporary stratocaster hh review than a pond full of Rich overtones sounds like of!
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