.post-title{text-transform:none;} body#layout .editlink{color:#FFFFFF!important;background:#BBB;border-radius:15px;padding:4px 6px;} }); $allVideos = $allVideos.not(ignoreList); // Disable FitVids on this video. $.fn.fitVids = function( options ) { Disadvantages When You are Over Exposed to || Air... How to Improve Your || Brain Memory || Power⚡. '+c.bcClass) Tambah pengetahuan kalian mengenai Sniper Rifle di PUBG Mobile. Avoid areas like San Martin if you’re going for this one. // Create select option from menu Nah Vikendi merupakan salah satu peta yang memiliki senjata khusus di dalamnya, yang tidak bisa kita temukan di peta manapun. } }); $allVideos.each(function(){ arrowClass : 'sf-sub-indicator', } 'class' : settings.className if(img.length>=1) { [CDATA[ + settings.containerClass ); { over: f, out: g } : f ); So far they are all 7.6 except for the awm. $(this).addClass(menuClasses.join(' ')); "":" with logging active")+", version "+a.migrateVersion),a.migrateTrace===c&&(a.migrateTrace=!0),a.migrateReset=function(){f={},a.migrateWarnings.length=0},"BackCompat"===document.compatMode&&d("jQuery is not compatible with Quirks Mode");var g=a("",{size:1}).attr("size")&&a.attrFn,h=a.attr,i=a.attrHooks.value&&a.attrHooks.value.get||function(){return null},j=a.attrHooks.value&&a.attrHooks.value.set||function(){return c},k=/^(?:input|button)$/i,l=/^[238]$/,m=/^(?:autofocus|autoplay|async|checked|controls|defer|disabled|hidden|loop|multiple|open|readonly|required|scoped|selected)$/i,n=/^(? autoArrows: true, The AWM:This legendary bolt action rifle is probably the strongest weapon in this game. Based on the feedback from the test, PUBG Corp has made some more updates to Vikendi. $ul = this.addClass(o.hoverClass) interval: 100, if(strx.indexOf("<")!=-1) ");return false}}}}function r(){i.contentLoaded=true;a(i.dom.titleElem).html(i.newsArr["item-"+i.position].type);a(i.dom.contentID).html(i.newsArr["item-"+i.position].content);if(i.position==(l(i.newsArr)-1)){i.position=0}else{i.position++}distance=a(i.dom.contentID).width();time=distance/e.speed;h()}function h(){a(i.dom.contentID).css("opacity","1");if(i.play){var s=a(i.dom.titleID).width()+20;a(i.dom.revealID).css(e.direction,s+"px");if(e.displayType=="fade"){a(i.dom.revealID).hide(0,function(){a(i.dom.contentID).css(e.direction,s+"px").fadeIn(e.fadeInSpeed,k)})}else{if(e.displayType=="scroll"){}else{a(i.dom.revealElem).show(0,function(){a(i.dom.contentID).css(e.direction,s+"px").show();animationAction=e.direction=="right"? body#layout .menu-secondary-container{display:none;} This PUBG Mobile mission is slightly more challenging to complete. Most of the players started Conqueror push. var videoID = 'fitvid' + Math.floor(Math.random()*999999); M24 is a bolt action gun that uses 7.62mm ammo having a capacity of 5 rounders per magazines and it will be extended up to 7 bullets using the extended magazine. rv:([\w. //]]> //]]> subMenuClass: 'sub-menu', if ( options ) { Eating || BrownRice || Had So Many Health Benefits. There are three bolt-action sniper rifles in the game which are: Kar98, M24, and AWM. // Create base menu imgtag = ''; The latest updates coming with Season 7, including a new bolt-action weapon, are now available on the Test Server. }); jQuery(document).ready(function() { while(strx.charAt(chop-1)!=' ' && strx.indexOf(' ',chop)!=-1) chop++; Kill 7 enemies with Bolt Action Rifles in Vikendi in Classic Mode or Kill 14 enemies with SMGs in Miramar in Classic Mode (125 RP) Kill a total to 25 enemies in Arena (75 RP) Use Bandages 30 in Classic Mode (75 RP) PUBG Mobile Season 14 Week 5 Royale Pass (RP) Missions Free Royale Pass Missions. // compare mouse positions to see if they've crossed the threshold #2 Kill 8 enemies with bolt action rifles in Miramar in classic mode. parseInt($this.attr('height'), 10) : $this.height(), Kill eight enemies with Bolt Action Rifles in Miramar in Classic Mode. But this comes with a price – the reloading of this rifle takes time, hence going head-on with your enemy in close combat is pure madness. // override configuration options with user supplied object if ((!$this.css('height') && !$this.css('width')) && (isNaN($this.attr('height')) || isNaN($this.attr('width')))) A bolt-action is nicer for the peek game sometimes, but there are plenty of times where I scope in on someone when they're not looking, and I can go for a quick head shot + body shot. The Mosin-Nagant’s stats are a direct copy of the K98’s, as PUBG Corp. didn’t want to dilute the loot pool further. } pathClass : 'overideThisToUse', jQuery(function () { }); return; // Disable FitVids on this video. jQuery(document).ready(function() { While it the weakest one, it can still one-shot enemies who have an Lv 1 Helmet. animation : {opacity:'show'}, } width = !isNaN(parseInt($this.attr('width'), 10)) ? * http://github.com/mambows/mobilemenu if( $this.parents('ul').hasClass( settings.subMenuClass ) ) { '+o.pathClass,this).slice(0,o.pathLevels).each(function(){ The first mission is not map-specific, and players can complete it in any match in classic mode, whether it be solo, duos or squad. //]]> return menu; })( window.jQuery || window.Zepto ); // $.fn.mobileMenu = function(options) { .not('. "":"/-/"+c.tagName)+"?max-results="+c.MaxPost+"&orderby=published&alt=json-in-script",function(t){var v,f,l,o,w,q,h,e,s,u,m,g="",d=t.feed.entry;if(d!==undefined){var k=d.length;for(var r=0;r]*>/g,"").replace(/"/g,""");if(postcontent.length>c.Summarylength){postcontent=postcontent.substring(0,c.Summarylength)+"..."}u=d[r].published.$t.substring(0,10);l=u.substring(0,4);o=u.substring(5,7);w=u.substring(8,10);q=c.MonthNames[parseInt(o,10)-1];h=d[r].published.$t.substring(11,16);e=h.substring(0,2);s=h.substring(2,5);m=(e<12? * * FitVids 1.1 Get that Kar98k early and you can pop one or two gearless players out pronto. //]]> div.innerHTML = '


'; The royale pass is also an excellent way to get your hands on some of the most exclusive in-game items and skins. "value" : this.href, "text" : settings.defaultText --> function rp(json){document.write('
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')} // if hoverIntent state is true, then call the mouseOut function after the specified delay * version 1.0(31-OCT-2011) "+a.guid,function(){a.event.trigger(c,Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments,1),b,!0)}),a._data(this,c,a.guid++)),!1},teardown:function(){return this!==document&&a.event.remove(document,c+". clearTimeout(menu.sfTimer); M24 is a sniper gun present in PUBG well known as Battleground which has millions of game fans. [CDATA[ + settings.className).change(function(){ ob.hoverIntent_t = clearTimeout(ob.hoverIntent_t); var blloc = window.location.href; customSelector: null, addArrow = function($a){ $a.addClass(c.anchorClass).append($arrow.clone()); }; Just like Miramar, players can use M4 or the Vikendi exclusive G36C for mid-range and close-range and the M24 or KAR98K bolt-action rifle for long-range snipes with an 8X or 6X scope. Stay outside, though. sh = sf.c.shadowClass+'-off', onInit : function(){}, // callback functions o.onBeforeShow.call($ul); onShow : function(){}, //)([^>]*)$/;a.fn.init=function(b,e,f){var g,h;return b&&"string"==typeof b&&!a.isPlainObject(e)&&(g=w.exec(a.trim(b)))&&g[0]&&(t.test(b)||d("$(html) HTML strings must start with '<' character"),g[3]&&d("$(html) HTML text after last tag is ignored"),"#"===g[0].charAt(0)&&(d("HTML string cannot start with a '#' character"),a.error("JQMIGRATE: Invalid selector string (XSS)")),e&&e.context&&e.context.nodeType&&(e=e.context),a.parseHTML)?q.call(this,a.parseHTML(g[2],e&&e.ownerDocument||e||document,!0),e,f):(h=q.apply(this,arguments),b&&b.selector!==c? }); 1. "html" : optText, }; Senjata Vikendi di PUBG Mobile! 5. getMenu = function($menu){ Kill 16 enemies with AR in Vikendi in Classic mode or Kill 8 Enemies with Bolt Action Rifles in Classic mode Miramar or Kill 15 Enemies with SMGs in Erangel in Classic mode; Here are the PUBG Season 13 Week 6 missions (17 June 2020) – Pick up Frag Grenade in … /* Week 5 Silver Missions. } // set "previous" X and Y position based on initial entry point { over = function(){ // News Ticker with Controller by https://www.zustview.com })(window,document,'script','https://www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js','ga'); "selected" : (this.href == window.location.href) } } } if( locations !== '#' ) { I am a nature lover and eager to know and learn everything in this world. ")}else{alert("Element does not exist in DOM! For all intents and purposes, the Mosin-Nagant is a Kar98k. 1️⃣2️⃣5️⃣RP:    Win 20 times in Arena Friend aid Progress + 2️⃣. //-1); // else e.type == "onmouseout" * Copyright (c) 2008 Joel Birch jQuery(document).ready(function() { $allVideos = $allVideos.not("object object"); // SwfObj conflict patch This article is a guide on two of these RP missions in PUBG Mobile. if ( p == this ) { return false; } }, // ad class to submenu list * jQuery Mobile Menu However, if you haven’t got a feel for sniping, you can go with the alternatives, which are to either kill 16 enemies with assault rifles in Vikendi or 15 enemies with SMGs in Erangel. defaultText: 'Menu', ',o.hoverClass].join(''),this).add(this).not(not).removeClass(o.hoverClass) Win 94 is a bolt-action sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile. Players can use any of the four guns mentioned above to complete this mission, with Win94 the easiest to find, and kill stats including those of bots. // copy objects to be passed into t (required for event object to be passed in IE) speed: 200, })(jQuery); The latest updates coming with Season 7, including a new bolt-action weapon, are now available on the Test Server. Kill 8 enemies with Bolt Action Rifles in Miramar in Classic mode. Taking Food With Mix Of Fruits Celebrity nutritionists say bottled juices and package juices ar... These days the Castor oil is almost forgotten. strx = strx.substring(0,chop-1); var defaults = { If you are confused about how you can complete these missions in PUBG Mobile, this article is for you. * There are four bolt action rifles in PUBG Mobile – AWM, Kar98K, Win94 and M24. Kill 14 enemies with SMGs in Miramar in Classic mode 10. opening 4 airdrops in Erangel is so easy Do this Mission in Solo Classic match. animation: { body#layout .menu-secondary-wrap{display:none;} 7️⃣5️⃣RP:   Kill 6 enemies with Kar98k in any mode. var o = sf.op; Podvosto. $a.each(function(i){ } ga('create', 'UA-171110355-1', 'auto', 'blogger'); "iframe[src*='player.vimeo.com']", var ev = jQuery.extend({},e); The Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle … return cfg.out.apply(ob,[ev]); var menu = $menu.parents(['ul. This is more than enough to eliminate an enemy with a single bullet! Eating || Betel Leaf || Had So Many Benefits. body#layout .menu-primary-container{display:none;} disableHI : false, // true disables hoverIntent detection * var $li = $a.eq(i).parents('li'); Instead, bolt-action rifles are stealth options used to catch your enemy unawares. Kill 14 enemies with SMGs in Miramar in Classic mode. $(ob).bind("mousemove",track); 9. 4. 7️⃣5️⃣   RP:    Win a Classic match 1 time while wearing a Military Vest (Lv. timeout: 0 + settings.className ); $('